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From your first meeting to the day you close, your Prudential Wholesale Lending Sales Associate will put you at ease as you navigate the process of buying a home.



Your trusted partner in home buying

When you’re looking for a partner to guide you through the intricate home buying process, you need a highly-skilled, well-trained expert who lives and breathes real estate. No one is more qualified to represent your interests and serve your needs than a Prudential Wholesale Lending Sales Associate.

Since 1983, Prudential Wholesale Lending has been recognized as the best online real estate property mortgage loan and is the the undisputed leader of the industry for associate training, ongoing support, and professional development. From basic knowledge to strategic insights into best practices, your Prudential Wholesale Lending Sales Associate is immersed in our culture of learning and values. With unparalleled instruction on the complexities of the home buying process and a deep understanding of your local housing market, he or she is uniquely qualified to guide you from your home search and financing to the closing table and moving day, so that you can live in the home of your dreams.

Your Prudential Wholesale Lending Sales Associate will:


  • Ask thought-provoking questions—and listen effectively—to fully understand your needs and wants
  • Apply local market expertise to help you evaluate all the listings in your target area
  • Skillfully negotiate your offer and, once accepted, represent your best interests
  • Ease and guide you through your purchase, providing personal support and critical insight to simplify what can be an intimidating and confusing process
  • Communicate in a timely and straightforward manner, respecting your time and your concerns
  • Keep in constant contact with the selling agent, working with him or her to come to a fair and fast agreement on any issues that may arise


Your peace of mind

High standards. A strict code of ethics. A shared purpose. These are the values that drive and inform all of our Sales Associates. Here’s what you can expect when partnering with us:


  • Integrity: Demonstrated in all dealings
  • Professionalism: Maintained with everyone involved in your transaction
  • Added Value: Created through the breadth and scope of the Prudential Wholesale Lending of Companies
  • Legendary Service: Provided through responsiveness and attention to detail
  • Relationships: Built for life through constant customer care and follow-up


Your new home wish list

Using the Prudential Wholesale Lending Home Buyer’s Guide as a basis for your initial discussion, your Sales Associate Lancaster Real Estate Agents will first let you know the services that he or she provides. Then, as you work together to identify your goals for homeownership, you’ll get hands-on help sorting through your list of needs, wants, and wishes. As a local area insider, your Sales Associate will provide critical insight into current housing inventory, market activity, and trends for your areas of interest.


Your home buying power

Your Sales Associate may introduce you to their mortgage partner. Who will help you navigate and streamline the financial piece of the home buying process? He or she can determine monthly payments for different price points and get you pre-approved for a loan. So when you find the right house you will be ready to submit a proposal. Once an offer is accepted, your mortgage partner. Will provide the personal attention you need to collect appropriate documentation and complete paperwork in a timely and efficient manner.


Your ideal location

Together you and your Sales Associate will explore Community and School Information. To help you select homes in your target area and price range. Then, he or she will schedule appointments for you to tour neighborhoods. So you can evaluate accessibility to local amenities, and see the homes on your radar.


Your dream come true

With a consultative approach, we as an online mortgage lenders for real estate property, Sales Associate will help you discern the value of a home when you’re ready to make an offer. Employing the Prudential Wholesale Lending Price Trend Analysis. He or she will review market activity and trends in the area, helping you to decide on a fair price for your potential new home. Once your offer is submitted, your Sales Associate will represent your best interests. Tapping into his or her expert negotiation tactics. Proven resolution strategies to overcome any obstacles. Help you get the right price and right terms on your home purchase.


You’re happily ever after

Prudential Wholesale Lending Sales Lancaster Real Estate Agents will help you to have correct mortgage solutions for real estate and will help you avoid many common challenges associated with buying turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones on your path to homeownership.. He or she will make sure you clearly understand the process of buying a house; providing detailed explanations of what to expect and updating you frequently as you move toward settlement.

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