Whether it’s financing or locating a home, Prudential Wholesale Lending offers loans and listings. We have a number of homes and loans available, many of which we try to tailor match to your needs.

Get Pre Approval Letter

In contrast the process of pre-approval is the submission of a mortgage application and giving you with your Social Security number so that the lender can conduct a hard credit test. The hard credit test occurs when you make an application for a mortgage.


Visit us in Lancaster, California, and let one of our real estate agents show you the home listings we have available. We are conveniently located in the City of Lancaster and we cover all of the surrounding areas.

Best Home Loan & Mortgage Lender Company in California

If you are dreaming of your own new house, no crisis can come in between since we are here to serve you. Prudential wholesale lending is the best home loan lender company in California. Home loans provide you with an installments advance of cash towards purchasing your targeted estate, which you have to pay later with interest. You can, however, re-pay the debt advanced through EMIs, allowing you to approach attaining your house goal in a practical and organized manner. A mortgage loan, often known as a mortgage, is a loan used by real estate buyers to raise cash to purchase real estate or by current property owners to generate funds for any purpose while establishing a claim on the land being mortgaged. Every mortgage is unique, but we approach the procedure in the same way: with your requirements at the forefront. Our devoted team is capable of completing legal tasks quickly and properly. We're here to assist you through the complicated process. Being one of the best Home loan lender companies in California, our assistance will guide you to achieve your goal and possess your desired land.

Why do a Home Loan Refinance?

Refinancing a house loan implies seeking out a new loan from some other provider to pay off an old one. The following are the two most common reasons for switching a mortgage (also known as refinancing): (1) To profit from a cheaper interest rate and (2) to receive a credit top-up on the initial loan balance. One of the most compelling reasons for refinancing is to decrease the interest rate on your current loan. Generally, it has been assumed that refinancing is a good option if you can decrease your interest rate by at least up to 2 %.

Loan Refinance
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What to expect from Prudential Wholesale Lending

We are among the best home mortgage companies in Lancaster, California, and our services are accessible from a variety of lenders, including banks and credit unions, and internet lenders. Prudential Wholesale Lending provides various services, including notary services, insurance services, home buyer/seller consulting, and educational materials. Prudential Wholesale Lending may assist you in obtaining finance for the purchase or refinancing of a house. We are also the best VA home loans lenders (a VA loan is a government-backed loan that demands no down payment or private mortgage insurance (PMI). We've made hundreds of loans on both owner-occupied and non-owner rental properties. Prudential Wholesale Lending provides loans and listings to help you finance or find a property. We are among the best home mortgage companies that offer a variety of houses and loans available, many of which we aim to personalize to your specific needs.


How to refinance mortgage

If you want to learn how to refinance mortgages, you’ll need to understand the different types of mortgages available. The interest rates on these loans can range from very low to very high, depending on your credit score and the lender you choose. A standard refinance allows you to adjust your interest rate, while refinancing…
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Buying or Renting: What suits you best!

While Buying or Renting a home in Lancaster is commonly the fantasy of pretty much every individual in this world, however, a few people may have confounded between whether to lease or to purchase the spot. Both of these choices will influence your way of life and there are upsides and downsides to every choice…
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Loan Programs

Let’s get some info concerning the house loans you’ll avail. Fixed-Rate Loans: The fastened-rate loans have an identical charge per unit for the whole period of the real estate home loans. meaning your monthly home payment is going to be identical, even for long loans, like 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. Adjustable-Rate Loan: Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) have…
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How much house can I afford?

What quantity of contract installment would I be ready to bear? Purchasing your 1st new homes in Lancaster ca is one in every of the foremost essential and exciting money milestones of your life. Before you hit the streets with a real estate broker, you wish to own an honest sense of practical budget. Simply…
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Sam and his team at Prudential Wholesale lending did a great job helping us refinance our house. He kept us informed on the process of the loan.. He sent us helpful and informative videos on what to expect and do when the time comes.. Thank you Sam and the Prudential Wholesale lending Team for all you did for us!

Joe S.

Sam and his team at Prudential Wholesale lending did a great job helping us refinance our house. He kept us informed on the process of the loan.. He sent us helpful and informative videos on what to expect and do when the time comes.. Thank you Sam and the Prudential Wholesale lending Team for all you did for us!

Joe S.

They made our refinance stress free. Kept us updated with videos and emails. Very fast and easy. And best of all saved us a lot of money! Thank you Prudential Wholesale lending!

Nicole F.

CEO, Alpha

As first time homebuyers the Prudential Wholesale lending team has made this process effortless from start to finish. Extremely easy to work with and very attentive to needs! They continuously go the extra mile in making sure you not only understand each step of the way, but are completely transparent with all aspects of home buying. You won’t be disappointed!

Jenna D.

Sam and Prudential Wholesale lending Team are very professional and they take the time walk you through the whole process of buying a home. This is my 3 time buying a home and by far this has been the smoothest process 30 days in escrow. Thank you for making this so easy.

Jos C.